Why call on Budget-Funerals 'Budget Funerals Brussels'

In order to spend less.

Are you able to provide all the services we would like?

No, we only provide a limited number of services to reduce costs as much as possible. The list of services can be accessed from the OUR SERVICES tab.

Should you require more services, please call our partner in Funeral Services on 02 332 32 32.

Can you arrange funerals anywhere in Belgium?

No, we currently only arrange funerals in areas where we have a local partner. You will find these areas on our map.

Who can call on your services?


Can we choose a coffin other than one from your range?

No, our selection is limited to one model that is either light- or dark-coloured, enabling us to guarantee you the lowest price.

Do you print announcements or words of thanks as "keepsakes" ?

We do not print anything ourselves, but we can e-mail you samples that you can customise, print and send by e-mail. You can also call on your printing services.

How many of your staff members are present on the day of the funeral?

One person will drive the hearse and guide you during the ceremony.

Can we pay our last respects to the deceased person?

In the majority of cases, death occurs in a hospital or convalescent home. You will have the opportunity to pay your last respects to the deceased person at the hospital morgue. If death occurs at home, we arrange the transfer to the municipal morgue (additional cost).

Can you organise flowers?

No, we suggest that you contact your florist.

Where can we meet you?

We do not have a shop or reception desk. Everything is arranged by e-mail and telephone.

When must we pay for the funeral?

At the latest the day before the ceremony.

Do you pay the clergy, crematorium and municipal taxes?

Yes, we pay all costs in advance on the understanding that our invoice be paid in full before the ceremony..

How much does a service cost?

Our services cost €2000 including VAT should you choose a burial. Cremation will cost you an additional €500. If need be, the following may also be added to this: the religious service, municipal taxes and potentially a burial plot (concession) at the cemetery (free for a period of 5 years). You will find more details on the Offers tab.

Who selects the date and time of the ceremony?

We select the date and time together with the family, but also in accordance with the availability of the crematorium, clergy, municipality and our staff.