Who are we

When calling on B-Funerals it is important that you bear in mind that the quality of our services rests on more than 30 years of experience in running funerals.
In 30 years many things have changed: the way we think and our needs but particularly the cost associated with death.
In 1980, the average cost of a funeral was €1,500
In 2023, it is close to €6,000

In most funeral homes you will receive good-quality service, attentive and helpful staff, new equipment, and all this for a market-related price.

B-Funerals does not offer you the whole range of services, but rather what you would consider to be absolutely necessary.

We are an independent funeral home, established in Brussels.

Our objective is to offer good-quality service without the extras that add up. We do not have a funeral centre where we can meet you, nor do we have an American-style hearse.
We operate as a small team and have no pallbearers or administrative staff.
Our general costs are therefore brought down to the bare minimum in order to ensure that you get the lowest price.

If you absolutely want to have pallbearers for the funeral, we will call on one of our sub-contractors; however you could also ask friends or family members to carry the coffin —

A gesture that is particularly symbolic.